What we do?

BAMBUCASAS designs 3D prototypes of housing units.

We thereby usestate-of-the-art info architectural techniques with photorealistic finishing that make the vision and understanding of the finishing lots easier before commencing the construction process.

We offer you our unique designs that transform the housing unit into a unit of harmony, peace and balance.

The simplicity provided by straight lines and geometric designs define our aesthetics.

We rely on open and bright spaces and on the beauty of big curtain wallswith views to natural and green zones, which characterize all of our designs.
BAMBU CASAS, clearly influenced by Zen essence, designs relaxing environments and defined layouts that have previously beenstudied in detail to achieve the comfort and benefits of a spacious, cozyhouse that integrate indoor and outdoor spaces without losing intimacy.
LIGHTING is one of the most important factors for the environments we design, always trying to create that warm sensation that makes you feel at home.
For outdoor spaces, BAMBUCASAS proposes a serene but surprising lightning with theater effects, achieved by combining daring designs with a wide spectrum of colours, creating extraordinary chromatic effects.

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