¿Cuál es la filosofía de Bambú?

Out philosophy - BIPV sustainable buildings

BAMBUCASAS designs pursue the objective of being energetically fully sustainable.

For this reason, BAMBUCASAS promote the Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) for all our designs to achieve self-sufficiency in electricity consumption.

BAMBU CASAS proposes houses with enclosures made with energy generating materials in the outer layer that covers the house, such as glasses and ceramics that generate enough energy to be self-sufficient, heat the pool, fuel the air conditioning and supply all of the electricity that we may need.

Integrating all these materials and construction elements, solar energy can be transformed into electricity, generating CLEAN AND FREE ENERGY that can be used for self-consumption or sold to the electricity grid.

Our goal is to provide our houses with modern and aesthetic coverings made based on photovoltaic curtain walls, photovoltaic skylights and photovoltaic ceramic floors.

In short, houses integrated with high technologies that are adapted to environmental awareness.

Natural resources that make our lives easier.

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